Become an ENGLISH UNIVERSITY Online Partner

We welcome language schools, secondary schools and universities, educational as well as business companies as partners of ENGLISH UNIVERSITY Online. Partnership is built on the basis of mutual utility and on the financial performance from our side. Quantity discounts for partners are attractive as well as commissions for student coming from the website of the partner.

Secondary schools and universities make use of the EUO for combined English lessons, alternating with our online application and standard lessons, through which time, as well as finances, is saved.

Language schools are offered the use the EUO, not only for their corporate clients (blended courses or online self-study of employees who have not been currently chosen for standard lesson programs), but also for their students from the public (individual accounts in the EUO via the sites of school or the EUO as part of standard semester courses).

Please contact us at info@englishuniversity.eu.

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